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4 Bedroom Dwelling House, Comprising A High Standard Of Eco And Passivhaus Design

We are thrilled to have delivered the 3D Renderings of this sensible and well-designed project. Here’s how Mr Ufuk Bahar the Director of Urbanist Architecture describes the project:

“The traditional building characteristics and agricultural aspects have been incorporated during the conceptual development of the Para79 house. Thanks to this sensitive design approach, the proposal reflects and restores the traditional characterisation of the English landscape within the site. Starting from a simple form of a barn, using the characteristics of its design, it evolves into a living habitat for occupiers. In other words, the design characteristics for a simple barn have evolved into a living habitat for occupiers. The external built form of the Para79 house, its architecture, use, materials, decoration, lighting, colour, texture, and overall look are sensitive to the defining characteristics of the local area while reflecting the highest standards in architecture and enhancing its immediate setting.”

Ufuk Bahar
Managing Director

Urbanist Architecture

Architectural Images AD-09-SUN-dog

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